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House in Hikone is a single family house for a young couple and their children in Hikone, designed by Tato Architects. A residential area so far existing of mainly grassland, but soon to be occupied by ready built houses. The challenge was to seek a proper built form there, which will resolve any surrounding environment, keeping the memory of grassland. It resulted in the white oval cylinder with forty-two windows, in which wooden boxes and a floor were inserted to create a living space. It was placed diagonally in the site, remaining space between adjoining houses. Many windows segment the view and make the façade work as a filter. In this way, the house is ready for any change in the surrounding environment. Curiously enough, invisible parts were supplemented suitably, and a certain type of transparency appeared. The outer wall, on which windows are placed equally, mediate a variety of living issues, while it is independent from them. It appears as if it is renovated from the building for a different use, which we expected to bring a certain type of fresh quality of ruins to this house.


Text © Tato Architects | Photography © Shinkenchiku sha

tato architects
tato architects
tato architects

Project by: Tato architects
Principal designer: Yo Shimada
Structure: Takashi Manda Structural Design
Construction: Amuza Koumuten


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