House in Ohno : Airhouse Design Office

House in Ohno, is a two-storey house designed by Japanese architecture studio Airhouse Design Office. A piece of land in a Japanese persimmon (kaki) orchard was offered as the project area for a residential house. As the client wanted wide open spaces with high ceilings, a structure composed of a large roof set on top of seven thick columns was used. To secure copious glass windows, private areas are located inside the columns while intervals between columns are designated as living, dining and kitchen spaces. With this composition, only the sky and the kaki orchard are visible from the inside, giving the area an open feeling while the kaki trees provide a sense of privacy from the outside world, all of which makes for a relaxed atmosphere in the interior areas. As the landscape transforms with the changing of the kaki seasons, a generous living space is produced in the house nestled among the kaki trees.

Text © Airhouse Design Office | Photography © Toshiyuki Yano


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